First Roundtable Forum on SME Innovation and Responsive Policies – 2016 End Successfully

Roundtable Forum on SME Innovation and Responsive Policies – 2016 was organized by iN4iN Africa, University of Dar es Salaam and other organizations.

The forum was organized by the iN4iN Africa Network in collaboration with the University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, and other organizations from 23rd to 24th November 2016.

The purpose of the forum is to contribute and share knowledge on SME innovation, as well as stimulating an effective environment for the growth of innovative SMEs. The theme of the stakeholders’ roundtable was accelerating innovation and the growth of SMEs through responsive policies.

The forum provided a unique opportunity for scholars, policymakers, development partners and business practitioners from Africa and other parts of the world to exchanged ideas, share experience, disseminate research findings and practical lessons on Africa’s development and the policies required to promote innovation and competitiveness of Africa enterprises.

The conference was attended by experts from the public and private sectors from Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom, and many others.