University-Business Linkages for Technology Transfer

Connecting universities and businesses for development

We consider Higher Education Institutions as important players in local economic development. They should appropriate measures to a) foster regional economic development through cooperation with the private sector, b) promote knowledge and technology transfer to existing players of the economy and c) facilitate the cooperation of the university with all actors in the society. Accordingly, all Higher Education Institutions are hereby directed to reorganize and strengthen the University Business Linkages (UBL).

The recommended focal areas for the development of University Business Linkages in universities are as follows.

  • Developing practice and business oriented student‘s projects
  • Organizing trainings and coaching activities for businesses
  • Implementing (technical) consulting services for businesses
  • Implementing an IP policy at universities
  • Promoting the creation of University Spin-offs
  • Promoting research cooperation between businesses and the university
  • Promoting strategic alliances with the private sector in order to develop the research” infrastructures and capacities at universities

The aim of every knowledge transfer process is the successful transfer of knowledge from a knowledge source to a knowledge recipient. Success is indicated by the creation of the ability within the recipient to contextualize knowledge, and to then use this knowledge to initiate concrete, local and sustainable innovation processes. While today’s new technological solutions wield the potential to trigger global economic development processes, knowledge transfer processes are often insufficiently professionalized to enable developing and emerging economies to make full use of this potential. From this standpoint, we approach the transfer processes of knowledge and technology-intensive solutions focusing in particular to SMEs as knowledge recipients.

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