Start-Ups for Development

At iN4iN, we promote fast growth beyond borders. Take a look at some of our success stories.


RemotePlatz presents the modern solution to finding the right talent, as they connect a vibrant community of developers in Egypt with European businesses through remote job opportunities.

Works links highly qualified African candidates with international companies, through their programs: Brain Gain, Diversity, and Partnerships.



Mexikoch is an online shop that offers exclusive tequilas, gourmet coffee, tortillas, beans and spicy chillis, to the European market. The products can also be acquired at Gallo Negro, a successful mexican restaurant in Leipzig, which is also part of the star-ups that we have supported.



Realists Training Technologies GmbH provides an all-inclusive realistic surgical training service in the area of spine surgery, including: preparations, logistics, assessment, advisory, and assistance. Their realistic technology allows surgeons to train operations without exposure to radiation or risky situations, while ensuring the enhancement of surgical skills through realistic training scenarios. The company’s headquarters is located in Leipzig, and has local representatives in Latin America, Australia and Asia Pacific.