University-Business Linkages for Technology Transfer

Connecting universities and businesses for development

Innovation-based knowledge and technology transfer has become a key notion in the analysis of gap reduction between developed and developing economies. The reason behind is that such a process entails a triple-helix structure, upon which universities, public institutions, and industries benefit from multi-sector research and development collaboration. However, this requires a multi-level stakeholder strategic approach in order to implement sustainable technology transfer centers (TTC).

Based on the above, we support universities, companies, and public institutions in the strengthening of knowledge and technology transfer capacities, for the successful implementation of business incubators, innovation centers, technology transfer centers, and clusters.

By being part of the International SEPT Program of the University of Leipzig and the SMILE initiative, we provide keen advisory insight to our partners and customers, based on our local and international experience on university-business-government linkages.

We support different initiatives concerning university-business linkages (UBL), ranging from practical student projects to training and consulting services up to universities spin-off support. We have experience in the following core areas:

  • Concept development for the setup of business incubators at universities.
  • Strategy and service portfolio development for Technology Transfer Centers.
  • Promotion and development of UBL.
  • Cluster Management Training.